Thailand offers a whole new world of opportunity for travellers of all ages. There are over 100 islands in total, but only a handful are frequented by tourists, expats, retirees and backpackers who want to soak up luxury without breaking the bank. One of the most popular starting points for travellers is Phuket, where you can expect to find pristine coastline, a lively nightlife scene and some interesting cultured entertainment. Millions of tourists will descend on Thailand’s southern province throughout the seasons, with most arriving between the months of October and May, when the weather is hottest and high season is in full swing. If youare tempted to reserve your space at vacation rentals on Phuket beach, know how to make the most of your stay with the following ideas.


Attend Weekend Night Markets

On most weekends, and even weeknights, markets will be held around the streets of Phuket, as well as along the beach. These markets give travellers a glimpse into the Thai way of life. Expect to see food stalls offering a mouth-watering selection of fresh Thai dishes crafted with local ingredients, creative individuals and artists selling handmade crafts and paintings, street entertainers keeping the atmosphere alive, and much more when you explore the night markets. There are a few ways to get to the markets from vacation rentals in Phuket Beach – walk, drive, get a taxi, hop on a bus or contact a personal chauffeur.


Dine on Gourmet Cuisine

Are you aware of what type of food Thailand is famous for? There are a medley of tantalising dishes that will satisfy your hungry tum, including pad Thai, fried rice dishes and spicy Tom yum soup. If gourmet is more up your street than street food, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the range of fairly sophisticated eateries located close to vacation rentals in Phuket Beach. If luck is on your side you may find a condo owner who can make restaurant reservations for you, or even better, one that offers cooking facilities inside the spaces.


Get a Thai Massage

After sightseeing and spending days hiking to one of Phuket’s many viewpoints, like the Big Buddha, you might be feeling a bit tired out and achy. The solution? A Thai massage of course! Don’t be surprised if you see massage parlour after massage parlour dotted along the streets near vacation rentals in Phuket Beach, because it is a booming business. Hot oil, coconut oil, hot stone and traditional Thai massages are some options you’ll be presented with when you walk inside a Thai massage boutique.


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