The Similan Islands National Park is carved into Phuket’s beautiful landscape with its forested mountains and boulder rocks, which outline the pristine beach that attracts people to this area in Thailand every year. The snorkelling opportunities are brilliant at the Similans and the enchanting beach can be accessed by speedboat from your condo in Phuket. It takes just 90 minutes to get from Phuket island to the aquatic islands and once you arrive, the tempatation to put on your gear and admire the underwater scenery at one of the world’s premier dive sites will be hard to resi


The History of the Similan Islands

Mother Nature’s forces have changed the way the Similan islands have looked over the years, from the harsh storms to the water that they were once submerged in. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, they are believed to have cruised around the islands, where vibrantly coloured shoals of fish would pass on their daily commute. Caused by hot magma approximately 150 million years ago, the island’s huge blocks of stone have been carved into their smooth shape from exposure to waves and wind.



The Benefits of Travelling by Speedboat

Not only is a speedboat a faster alternative to a typical boat to the Similan Islands but also, this type of transport will be exciting. A high-speed boat will slice through the waves and get you to your destination in a shorter space of time. Safety and comfort is guaranteed, and if you are someone who suffers with sea sickness, you won’t experience this as much when travelling to the Similan Islands by speedboat.


Highlights of the Similan Islands

Scuba divers frequent the islands on a regular basis to get up-close to colourful fish and more than 200 different species of coral reef. The water that surrounds the Similan Islands is crystal clear and the shallow areas make the islands ideal for snorkelling. Sailing and diving cruises be booked to the islands, with a lot of these cruises stopping off at Koh Similan National Park on the way.



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