A trip to Phuket just would not be the same without checking out 360-degree views from one of the many lookout points. There are a number of viewpoints in Phuket, some of which are better known than others. If you plan in advance and head on up to a viewpoint for sunrise, you could miss the crowds and catch a glimpse of something truly spectacular. To save you the hassle of deciding between the many viewpoints, we have created a simple list of the five best spots for voyagers and their cameras.


Here are the top five viewpoints in Phuket:


1. Promthep Cape Viewpoint

Photos of this viewpoint don’t do it justice – it is even more beautiful than this picture shows!  The most-photographed of all of the viewpoints in Phuket, Promthep Cape Viewpoint is pretty much an island landmark, and it entices many people for sunset. Walk to the end of the cape if you are feeling daring and finish the experience off by purchasing some souvenirs from the nearby gift shop.



2. Karon Viewpoint 

Another famous lookout spot is Karon Viewpoint,  which is also known as Kata Viewpoint. Kata Noi, Karon and Kata Yai beaches can be seen from the attraction, which is included in the itinerary of most Thailand travellers. Seats can be found at the viewpoint, as well as shelter and food/drink stands.



3. Rang Hill Viewpoint 

The majority of people who visit Rang Hill will do so for sunset. Overlooking the glittering skyline of Phuket, this is one of the few viewpoints in Phuket that offers unobstructed views of Phuket town. Located northwest of the busy city centre, it features an exercise park for the fitness-focused individual!




4. Radar Hill Viewpoint 

Want to soak up views of the turquoise blue ocean for as far as the eye can see? If so, strut on up to Radar Hill Viewpoint, which is the highest of all of the viewpoints in Phuket. It looks out onto the island’s eastern side, so expect to see Chalong Bay and Patong City from this lookout.




5. The Big Buddha of Phuket 

So large is the Big Buddha that it can be seen from most parts of Phuket. A revered landmark that lures in lots of year-round visitors, the Buddha towers above everything at 43 metres tall. Many different beaches can be seen from this viewpoint, where you can get up-close to the white jade marble structure and the nearby brass Buddha. Feeling generous? Pop some Thai Baht into the donation boxes before leaving.




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