So, you’re travelling to Phuket with your significant other and want to use this opportunity to unleash your inner romantic? Well, you couldn’t really have chosen a better spot for a vacation, because although the island has a reputation for being a good party spot, it maintains a sophisticated vibe with its affluence of spas, luxury resorts and restaurants, many of which dish up authentic Thai cuisine. Before you get dressed in your glad rags and treat your partner to a spark-igniting evening of wining and dining, take our advice and feast at the following romantic Thai restaurants in Phuket.


Raya Thai Cuisine

Two people can fill up on Thai treats for just 800 baht at this restaurant in Phuket town. Housed inside a restored mansion that dates back to colonial times, Raya Thai Cuisine infuses Thai food with Indonesian delicacies. Khun Garab’s impressive cooking style has helped this dining spot gain high status as one of the best fine dining establishments on the island. To make a reservation, call +66 7621 8155 .



A crowd of cosmopolitan people dine at Silk, where 1,500 baht will get you and your partner a spread of Thai food. An award-winning establishment, Silk prides itself on serving alfresco-style food and guests can also tuck into food from the two-page Western menu. Call +66 7627 1702 to book a table.


Baan Rim Pa

For approximately 2,000 baht, two people can tuck into food from the traditional Thai menu at Baan Rim Pa. There is a wine to go well with every dish at this restaurant, which has an open-air dining room. Popular menu items include Pla Muan Raad Sauce Gratiem and the Deep Fried Prawn Rolls.Call +66 7634 0789  to book a table with a stunning view of the ocean.


It is easy to access these romantic restaurants from our apartments in Phuket.

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